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Β  This week has been a long one, but leading into this weekend, I’m not going to lie, my petsitting gigs have been kind of glamorous. 😎

With what I do, it doesn’t really feel like work most of the time! I love taking care of animals, so it’s like any other day for me and I have fun with it. So, between you and me, sometimes it feels like a mini vacation when I petsit!

Now don’t hear me wrong, I love my life, but sometimes it is nice to just disconnect for a little while. The place I am staying is out in the heart of the country, so it couldn’t be more perfect for disconnecting! Like, if this wasn’t a full time home for this client, I would tell them to rent it out on VRBO or Airbnb! It’s like something straight out of Southern Living. 😍

It’s so quiet and peaceful, the sunrises and sunsets β˜€οΈ are gorgeous, and I keep encountering all kinds of animals, not just the ones I’m watching!

I’ve been watching these cute little doggies and so far, I have also seen a little dove, some horses in the pasture, a frog, a turtle and believe it or not, some peacocks! I will definitely have to try and get a picture of them!

Anyways, I can really appreciate why someone would move waaay out away from everything. It is peaceful and beautiful and great for inspiration. I’m one of those people that loves this type of living, but I still like the convenience of being close to things, so what can you do? πŸ€— I do like stepping into other people’s lives sometimes though, just to see how they live. I think that’s why travel is so appealing to me. 🌎

I mean, how can you not be inspired, looking at that view?!

Anyways, I am continually amazed and in awe of where my petsitting takes me. Ever since starting my Facebook page about 2 years ago, it has continued to take me all kinds of cool places watching lots of cute animals! 🐢🐱🐰

Hope you all are having a great pre-weekend! I think I’m going to do some more front porch sitting with some Cabernet Sauvignon, the dogs and kick my feet back! 🍷🐢


Wedding Bells and Puppy Dog Tails πŸ””πŸΆ

Life, Pets

  Wow, this weekend was busy! 😴 Along with several petsitting jobs I had going on, I also helped someone with a wedding! It was a totally new and unfamiliar experience and so cool to be able to do!

Now, before you ask me if I used my 9+ years of cooking in restaurants and became a caterer overnight or I just decided to become a wedding planner on a whim, I’ll stop you right there! βœ‹ I actually helped out by watching and keeping track of someone’s pet on their big day! They wanted their dog to be a part of their wedding as a groomsman, so I was able to use my skills and help out! It was so awesome!

I showed up early and got to watch the bride and groom do their first look and Patches, their sweet Staffordshire Terrier, got to be in a bunch of pictures as well!

This was such a cool, unique experience–and I got paid to do it! 😍 That’s a win/win in my book! The weather was also perfect for their wedding, which had gorgeous mountain scenery as a backdrop.

I have never even been a bridesmaid in anyone’s wedding, so this was so different! Maybe because most of my friends aren’t human. πŸ€— (I’m pretty sure Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is a long lost cousin of mine. πŸ˜‚ I can relate so much. Hopefully, I don’t come off quite so awkward though..)

I never would have thought, a year and a half ago, that I would be helping with a pet at a wedding and getting paid to do it. I think there’s a whole ‘nother market out there that I hadn’t even been considering! Pet weddings, pet birthdays…endless possibilities!

What makes it even better is that I have fun doing it. My job. I never thought that I would be saying that!

If you’re out there struggling to find what you love, your passion, I just want to say think back. It’s something you’ve probably done your entire life, something there may not even be a market for yet, but maybe there will be once you create one. Hint: If you have a ton of fun doing this thing and it doesn’t ever feel like work, you could have struck upon what you’re supposed to be doing.

I’ve also been reading this book Business Boutique by Christy Wright, one of Dave Ramsey’s protΓ©gΓ©s. It’s worth a look, especially if you’re a business minded woman who wants to set out and go at it on her own! I’m on only Chapter 5 or so, but it has really made me question why I do the things I do. And the only way to answer what you should be doing is by also answering the why. If you get excited just talking about something, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s your passion!

So, to all my readers who want to be entrepreneurs and your own bosses—I do not have an easily transferrable web file that I can email you, nor an easy 20 Step Formula that will only cost you 3 payments of $19.95—has anyone else noticed how everyone wants to sell you something?! For real.—but I do have those pieces of advice and this one: Ignore. Your. Critics.

If I had listened to mine, I wouldn’t be doing what I love today. ✌🏻